Volleyball betting odds

Volleyball Betting & Odds

Betting on Volleyball requires some basic knowledge. You need to be able to read Volleyball lines and to understand Voleball odds. Odds are based on statistics and you will hardly ever get the same odds on 2 different volleyball matches. Truth to be told, volleyball is a team sport with no so famous players so you will mostly bet on teams. There is no tie in volleyball so the odds on a regular victory are lower than the odds in other sports like football or even handball. Stay tuned to this article and find out how to bet on this sport with minimal risk.

The Main Volleyball Bet Types

Volleyball betting odds mostly depend on the type of bet. You will get the lowest odds in Moneyline betting. The money line in Volleyball is betting on one team to win the match. As I  already said, there is no tie so this is also called a 2-way betting because there are only 2 possible outcomes for a match to finish. Handicap betting is also quite popular in the volleyball world. You can bet on a team to win a set with a handicap of points or to win a match with a handicap of sets. What does that mean?

For example, if there is a handicap of -1.5 on sets. That means a favorite team has to win that match with at least 2 sets difference. The final result can minimally be 3-1. The same thing goes with points but the margins are usually higher, 6.5 or more. Another interesting volleyball bet is the totals betting. You basically need to guess whether the number of sets in a volleyball match will be over or under a figure provided by the bookmaker.

Volleyball Betting Tips

If you know how to bet on tennis, you should not have any problems while betting on volleyball. The rules are similar and the betting approach is also similar. Outright betting odds are too low and it is not smart to bet on it. However, handicap odds are high and you should always try to find a match that will most probably end up with a handicap for one team. If you want even higher odds, you should consider correct score betting. It is not so hard to predict a correct score in volleyball because there are not so many options.

However, correct score odds are very high and you can make a significant profit. In order for one team to win a match in volleyball, they need to win 3 sets. With that in mind, we know the first number is 3. We just need to guess how many sets will the losing team win. It can be 0,1 or 2. Therefore, there are only 3 possible options for one team to win the match and it is not so hard to guess the correct score.

Betting on Volleyball Leagues and Cups

This is a unique sport because both Men’s World Championship and Women’s World Championship are equally famous. Alongside with Olympic Volleyball, those 2 tournaments are also the best tournaments you can find in volleyball. During those tournaments, the odds are usually high and volleyball betting markets are full of special bets. You can also bet on futures and try to predict who will win the tournament.