Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are the base of the agreement made between us, the Service provider, and you, the Client. You become a Client of ours at the moment you register with an account on our platform. Registering with an account on our platform also implies that you have read, understood, and agreed with everything specified in this Terms and Conditions page.

Please note that we may bring modifications or updates to the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement, at any given time and our sole discretion. You, the Client, will be notified of such changes via email or via a notice on our platform. Continuous use of our platform and Services implies that the Client agrees with the latest version of the Terms and Conditions page.

The Client is free to terminate their account, therefore the Agreement as well, at any given time, with no consequences.

User/Client Obligations

Upon registering with an account on our platform and start using our Services, the Client agrees that, at all times, they:

  • Are over the age of majority in their country and are allowed, legally, to engage in a binding legal agreement with our entity and the Services we provide.
  • Are living in a country that allows bets to be placed on the Services that our platform provides. The Client is fully responsible for making sure that they are legally allowed to use our Services.
  • Are not living in a country labeled as restricted territory, namely countries/regions that may forbid certain online gambling services.
  • Are the authorized user of the credit card or payment method that they use when engaging in transactions with us.
  • Are not using our Services and/or placing bets while in a position of perceived, potential, or even actual conflict of interest of any manner.
  • Are able to always pay a bet liability and never attempt to fail such a payment.
  • Are private individuals in a personal capacity and do not act on the behalf of other parties or for special, commercial purposes.
  • Are under the risk of losing some of all of the money they have deposited into their account as a result of a bet placement while using our Services. The Client is fully responsible for their loss.
  • Are using the Services we provide for legitimate purposes only and will never attempt to manipulate or modify any elements to their own benefit that would directly affect the integrity of our Services.
  • Are not using any ill-obtained information when placing bets when using our Services.

Acceptable Use of Our Services

The Services that we provide to our Clients must be used for lawful purposes only. You, the Client, may not use our Services:


  • To engage in illegal activities or transactions.
  • To obtain winnings in an unlawful manner.
  • If you refuse to provide us with the information that we require in order for you to use our Services.
  • If you provide us with misleading, incorrect, or outdated information that we require from you.
  • If you plan or are using more than one active account on our platform.
  • If the person using the active account is not the same with the holder of the bank account or credit card linked with the account.
  • If you allow or have allowed other individuals to use your account on the platform to use our Services.
  • If you engage in coordinated bets and wagers with other users of our Services in order to minimize losses.
  • If you engage in chargeback and return actions via your bank aimed at our entity.
  • If you engage in cheating or any other activity that affects the integrity of the Services that we provide.
  • You engage in any type of fraudulent activity.
  • You make use of various systems – computers, machines, software, devices, automated software – that are specially designed to alter the gambling systems of our Services for your own benefit.

Security & Safety

We have taken a number of security & safety practices in order to make sure that the Clients are not at risk when using our Services. The following detail what the Client should do to ensure the safety of both their personal data and account information and of our Services and their integrity:

  • When registering with an account on our platform, the Client will choose a username and password for their account. When doing so, the Client agrees to never share their account information with anyone else, be them users or not of our platform.
  • When considering potential account breaches, the Clients must contact our customer support team as soon as possible and alert them of the potential breach. The password of their account will then be changed.
  • When a Client forgets, loses, shares, or misplaces their account information, we cannot be held liable or responsible for any problems caused by this.

At the same time:

  • The Client understands and agrees that, while the interactions between them and our platform and Services are entirely confidential, we may decide to share personal and account information with third parties for investigation purposes, if we believe such actions should be taken.
  • The Client understands that, for security and training purposes, any communications done between our platform and the Client are saved on record.
  • The Client understands that, when contacting customer support, phone and email communications will also be saved on record – mainly to ensure compliance with finance and accounting regulations.
  • The Client understands that deposits may be partially or fully declined. When and if this happens, the payment method may be rendered unavailable until the Client solves the problem.

Winnings, Prizes & Withdrawals

When dealing with a win, prize, or withdrawal, the Client agrees to take full responsibility for the potential duties and/or taxes that may be related to said win, prize, or withdrawal, as stated by the law of the country/region that they live in.

We also take the responsibility to send any prizes or winnings that our Clients won via promotions or competitions in a reasonable period. However, our entity cannot be held responsible or liable for lost, late, misdirected, damaged, incomplete, illegible, or mutilated requests, entries, mails, or prize claims.

Please note that withdrawals are usually processed and sent to the account responsible for the deposits made on the Clients’ accounts. This is because the payment of withdrawals can be made only in the name of and to the registered holder of the account. Our platform will always verify the Clients’ identity before proceeding with the completion of a withdrawal request.

Support & Complaints

If the Client experiences any difficulties while using our Services, they can and are advised to reach out to our customer support team via the contact means mentioned on our platform.

In some cases, the customer support team may not be able to resolve a Client’s issues or they may provide the Client with unsatisfactory experiences. If this happens, the Client is advised to move on with a formal complaint.

It is worth noting that both the customer support team and the team responsible for the formal complaints may ask the Client for clear and specific information about their identity and their issue – this may include but is not limited to name, username, email, residential address.

Betting Information & Details

The terms and conditions that the Client agrees to when registering with an account on Getonlinebet are also the rules that are applicable when the Client interacts with our bookmaker and makes a bet on our platform, via the use of our Services.

During the entire process of a bet, the Client inherently confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed with the terms and conditions stated and detailed on this page. In terms of betting, the Client is also made aware of the fact that:

  • Any bets that the Client places are not labeled as valid until they get properly validated and also appear in the bet history of the Client’s personal account.
  • Any uncertainty related to a placed bet and its validity can and should be addressed to the customer support team in a timely manner.
  • Any bet that a Client wins will be paid up to the maximum limit only. The Client understands and agrees that our platform cannot be held responsible or liable for the additional amount incurred by the bets that go above the specified limit.
  • The betting odds present on Getonlinebet at any given time and updated on a regular basis are made available via the use of reliable and knowledgeable sources.
  • We reserve every right to change, modify, and alter our platform and the Services featured on it – with and with no notice. This may include but is not limited to betting and payout limits, offerings, prizes, competitions, and so on.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions can be modified, changed, or updated at any given time in order to reflect the way we manage our Services and the way the Clients should use them.

Any changes brought to the Terms and Conditions page will be communicated to the Clients via email or in-platform notifications.

The terms and conditions specified are considered as fair, for both our Services and Clients. If any Client requires further advice or details regarding these terms and conditions, our platform, or our Services they can and are advised to contact our customer service team.

Upon registering with an account on our platform, the Client agrees with these terms and conditions. At the same time, the Client understands and agrees that these terms and conditions are personal to them and cannot be assigned, transferred, or sub-licensed by you unless we provide you with written consent to do so.