Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy shows and details the way in which our entity and platform deal with and manage the information and data that our Clients provide to us when registering with an account on our platform and using our Services.

Personal information and data will be processed, managed, and stored by us in the ways described in this Privacy Policy. Please note that the Clients may provide personal information and data to us via our platform, telephone calls, or any means of communication.

Upon accepting this Privacy Policy, the Clients confirm and agree that they understand and accept the collection, procession, and use of their personal information and data, as described in the following lines.

If the Client doesn’t agree with the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy, they are advised to stop or refrain from using our platform and Services. Otherwise, the Client will provide us with their personal information and data.

Support & Complaints

If our Clients or any users of our platform and our Services have any concerns or would like to know more about the ways through which we collect, process, and use their personal information and data, they can and are advised to contact our customer support team.

Please note that, when contacting our customer support team, we may save on record the communications between the Clients and the customer support team representatives – as well as request personal information and data. This is done for safety and training purposes.

Personal Information and Data Collected

In the following lines, we will detail what kind of personal information and data we may collect from our Clients and process, use, or store.

  • Personal information and data that the Client provides us with when filling in forms on our platform and when registering with an account on it. This includes all kinds of information that the Client submits to us through our platform and/or email address.
  • Proofs and records of email, correspondence, telephone, or such, done via either our platform or any other means through which we can be contacted.
  • The responses and feedback the Client provides in surveys, customer research, polls, statistics, and so on that we carry out on our platform.
  • Data regarding the transaction that the Client carries out with our entity, done via either our platform, email, telephone, or any other means.
  • Data regarding the Client’s visits to Getonlinebet, which may include but is not limited to location data, traffic data, weblogs, and any type of communication data.

Personal Information and Data Usage

We collect the personal information and data of our Clients for various purposes, detailed below. Any type of data that we collect from our Clients will be used within legitimate and legal interests – of both the individual and of our entity.

Please note that one certain type of data may be used for more than one lawful ground, if applicable. One of the main reasons we collect data from our Clients is to ensure the integrity and safety of our Services for all of their users.

We collect personal information and data to:

  • Register any users as Clients on our platform, thus unlocking them the access to our Services.
  • Process and monitor the bets of our Clients.
  • Process and monitor credit card and/or online payments made by our Clients or by us to our Clients.
  • Process payment identification, processing, and authorization.
  • Collect debt or funds owed by our Clients to our entity.
  • Notify Clients about any changes made to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
  • Request feedback or reviews from our Clients.
  • Enable our Clients access to various competitions, draws, or surveys that we may occasionally set up on our platform.
  • Ensure the secure administration of our platform, business, and Services.
  • Ensure that the Clients are met by relevant advertisements and targeted content when browsing our platform.
  • Gather analytics and statistics that help our technicians improve the way our Clients interact with our platform and Services, as well as the overall experience in terms of customer relationship and marketing.
  • Suggest or recommend our Clients’ products, services, or goods that they may be interested in – also known as targeted advertising.
  • Prevent users and/or Clients that have disclosed their gambling addiction from accessing our Services after some time or at all, based on medical evidence the Client decides to provide to us.

Personal Information and Data Sharing

Personal information and data that our Clients share with us may be shared with parties outside of our group, such as:

  • Law enforcement agencies and other relevant authorities.
  • Credit reference agencies.
  • Fraud prevention agencies.
  • Identify verification agencies.
  • Sports governing agencies and bodies.
  • Organizations through which you were introduced to our platform and Services.
  • Any third parties that you allow or ask us to share your personal information and data with.
  • Any third parties that require your personal information and data to provide you with services, products, or goods that you have requested.

Please note that our entity reserves the right to disclose personal information and data to any relevant third parties, within lawful grounds. As such, we may share such data with data centers, cloud services, banks, customer communication tools, ID verification tools, payment services, suppliers, and any third party that ensures the integrity, safety, and proper usage of our Services.

Our entity has taken all the required safety measures to protect and safeguard your data during its collection, procession, usage, and storage. All of our measures are in line with all and any applicable legal requirements.

Personal Information and Data Rights

The Clients of our platform can exercise any of the following rights regarding the personal information and data that we collect from them:

  • Right to Access – the Client has the right to access their personal data, as well as detailed and/or supplementary information about it.
  • Right to Rectification – the Client has the right to address inaccurate personal information and data and have us rectify, modify, or complete it.
  • Right to Erasure – the Client has the right to request the deletion of the personal information and data that we have collected about them. Please note that we will proceed with the deletion of a Client’s personal information and data only when the latter doesn’t require any further processing for us. Otherwise, we may store personal information and data for as long as it can be legally useful to us and help us prevent any claims being made against us, according to the law in effect.
  • Right to Restrict Processing – the Client is allowed to ask for the suspension of data processing if they want us to determine the accuracy of the data, determine if we use their data unlawfully, or if they believe their personal information and data has leaked to a third party or any other special reasons.
  • Right to Data Portability – the Client has the right to request a copy of all the personal information and data that we have collected from them.
  • Right to Object – the Client has the right to not agree with us processing their data. Please note that this right is not absolute and is affected by legal and regulatory obligations that we may have.

Cookie Policy

Our platform and Services use Cookies to collect certain information from our users via an internet server. Cookies may be used before a user registers with an account on our platform, thus becoming a Client.

When a user visits our platform, we will collect Cookies from them. Continuous navigation of our platform and/or the registration with an account on it implies that the user and/or Client understands and agrees to the use of Cookies.

Cookies and other similar web technologies are used by websites to manage the login sessions of their visitors and to also design the displayed content according to the information collected via the Cookies. This is to ensure that our platform meets the specific needs and interests of our users and Clients.

Any of our users and Clients can delete the Cookies that our platform uses and stores in the hard drive of their computer. Please note that, when deleting Cookies, the Client may also affect and/or limit the functionality of the Services that we offer on our platform.

User Obligations

The users and Clients of our platform inherently agree to provide our entity with their personal information and data from the moment they submit it on our platform or register with an account to use our Services.

Given that we identify our Clients based on the personal information and data that they provide us with, they have the responsibility and obligation to provide us with true, accurate, and valid personal information and data. Any changes to the latter must be communicated to our entity so that we can maintain full functionality over our Services and the way certain Clients interact with them.

Clients that are found or suspected to have broken the obligations specified in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages, or which have provided us with false or inaccurate personal information and data, may have their registration application rejected or account terminated immediately, with no notice.

Account termination with no notice, based on violations of our terms and conditions and Privacy Policy, waives the Clients’ potential right to receive compensation. Any Client that breaches our contracts is not entitled to any kind of compensation.

Privacy Policy Changes & Updates

The Privacy Policy page and its contents may be modified, altered, or changed at any given time. This is done to keep our Clients updated with all of the essential information related to personal information and data collected from them.

It is highly advised that all of the Clients and users of our Services regularly check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy changes to take note of any updates that they may disagree with and force them to terminate their interaction with our platform and Services.

Users and Clients of our platform and Services will be notified of any major change brought to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy via email or via notifications within our platform. Clients have the right to disagree with such changes, the case in which they have to stop using our Services.

However, please note that once a user or Client proceed with navigating on our platform and using our Services after we changed or modified any of the two aforementioned pages, they understand and agree to the changes. This implies that we will continue to collect personal information and data from said users and Clients.