Motorsport betting odds

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Motor Racing Betting Odds

Although it is not considered as a real sport, motor racing betting is becoming more popular each day. Motorsports betting odds are usually high because there are a lot of potential winners in each race. Betting on auto racing like NASCAR is also very popular and the odds are more than good. If you want constant high odds, motor racing betting is the right choice for you. Stay tuned to this article and find out how to bet on motorsports.

Types of Motor Racing Bets

Motorsport betting online provides us with rich betting markets. There is a ton of available things you can bet on.

Matchup Bets – This bet allows you to focus on only 2 players. Your job is to determine which player will finish the race before the other one. This is also called 2-way betting and the odds on this bet are usually a bit lower.

Pole Position Bet– You bet on a racer who will have the fastest qualification time and start the race first.

Podium Finish Bets – You pick a racer that you think will reach a podium and win a medal. That means your driver has to finish in a Top 3.

Fastest Lap – You bet on a driver who will have the fastest lap.

There are hundreds of future and prop bets on motor racing. Those bets we mentioned are only the most common ones. Since we can’t cover them all, this should be enough to get you started and you will learn the rest along the way.

Formula One Betting

Formula 1 or F1 is the most prestigious and most popular racing sport. Every adrenaline junkie enjoys watching it because the speed of the formula is unbelievable. Formula 1 is also interesting for betting society. F1 odds are also good because there are a lot of teams and drivers. You can bet on either a team or an individual driver. We all remember Michael Schumacher who won 7 world titles and is still the best driver F1 ever had. Betting on him was not smart because the odds were just too low. However, the competition is different nowadays and no one is dominating F1 so hard. The F1 championship odds are well distributed and you can always find something to bet on.

Online NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting lines are also endless. You can bet on pretty much anything online. Truth to be told, NASCAR betting odds are also quite competitive but betting on this sport is not so popular around the globe. The most popular way of betting on NASCAR is to bet on the stage winner. NASCAR race is divided into 3 stages, 2 initial stages, and the final stage. After each stage, there is a stop. You can try to predict who will win which stage and bet on a winner of a certain stage.

Online MogoGP Betting

Betting on MotoGP is similar to betting on F1. MotoGP outright odds are also high because there are also a lot of potential winners. There are also special bets like futures and prop bets. For example, you can bet on how many GP World Championship wins will one player reach in 2040. Those are long-run future bets and it is strongly recommended to place them in stable bookmakers who won’t bankrupt until then. You can also bet on a race winner, who will reach the podium, who will be the fastest qualifier and so on.