MMA betting odds

UFC and MMA Betting Odds

First of all, let set thing straight. I see a lot of people get confused when someone uses terms MMA and UFC. MMA is short for Mixed Martial Arts so it is basically a sport. UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is nothing else than an organization. The connection between those 2 is similar to the connection between basketball and the NBA. That being said, if you bet on UFC, you will probably stumble across terms like MMA odds and MMA lines. Make no mistake, when there is a UFC fight night, those MMA betting odds are actually UFC odds.

Different Types of UFC Bets

Speaking about UFC and MMA betting odds, you should always aim for the high odds. Bookmakers offer different odds on different types of MMA bets. Besides regular Moneyline betting where you just bet on one fighter to win the match, there are also some other options to bet on. You can bet on method of victory where you simply have to determine how the fight will end, either KO/TKO, submission or judged decision. Round betting in MMA is similar to boxing, you bet on round you think a fight will end at. Last but not least is over/under MMA betting. If there is a 3 rounds fight, the margin is usually set to 2,5 and you practically bet on whether or not will that fight go the distance.

MMA Betting Tips & Strategy

If you are constantly reading UFC and MMA predictions and hope to make a profit by just following those predictions, you can’t be more wrong. I don’t say it is not good to read predictions, I say you should not believe everything you read. My advice to you is to make your own predictions. Follow the pro scene, check the statistics and try to make a reasonable bet based on your knowledge. It is good to read predictions after you already know what to bet on. If the analyze someone else made is similar to yours, it just means that you are on a good way to make a profit. On the other side, if it is completely the opposite, make sure to double-check your analysis. The most important thing is to not read any predictions before you make your own because it can cloud your judgment.

Another important tip I can give you is to use online MMA betting. Online bookmakers tend to give better MMA betting lines and higher odds. It will increase your chances, betting possibilities and ultimately your profit will increase too.

Major UFC Events for Betting

UFC is not like every other sport, there are no standard tournaments that take place every year. Instead of that, there are events that occur randomly when the fights are set. Fights are usually a “numbered event”, for example UFC 246. Each number even has 3 kinds of fights. There are early prelims, prelims, and main card. Early prelims are fights between unknown fighters, prelims are fights between known fighters and the main card are fights between famous fighters. You will get the highest UFC betting odds while betting on the main card.