Ice Hockey betting odds

Ice Hockey Betting & Odds

Everyone who bets on hockey knows that both ice hockey lines and odds are equally important. You need to have enough possibilities in order to make perfect bets. Odds are also equally important because they have a direct impact on your profit. The higher the odds, the higher the profit. As we all know, the world is evolving and betting evolves with it. You can’t stay in the past if you want to profit in 2023. Stay tuned to this article and find out how to bet on ice hockey in 2023.

Betting on Hockey Games

There are so many ways to bet on hockey nowadays. Hockey betting lines offer is so big we can hardly manage to keep track of it. The simplest bet you can place on a hockey game is Moneyline bet. You bet on one team to win the match outright. If your team wins, your wagger is won. However, Moneyline betting usually comes with low odds.To increase the odds, you should consider Puck Line Betting.

Puck Line Betting is one of the most popular ways of betting on NHL. It offers far better odds and the payout will be higher too. It is similar to handicap betting. If you want to bet on a favorite team, the odds are usually low. However, if you place a puck line bet on them, the odds will be, without any doubt, higher. If the margin is set to “-1,5”, the game does not start with 0-0 but it starts with 0-1,5 in favor of the underdog. It means that a  favorite team has to win that game by at least 2 goals. On the other side, if you bet on the underdog to win, they can still lose that game by 1 goal and it won’t affect your bet.

You can also bet on Totals in NHL. The bookmaker sets the margin and you practically bet on over/under a number of goals in a game or in a period.

Futures bets on hockey are another interesting way of approaching this sports betting. You bet on something that will happen in the future, for example, you bet on one team to win the title in the Eastern European Hockey league or a team to win the Stanely cup.

Prop bets or proposition bets on NHL are also quite popular. That kind of bets does not have anything with the final result. You can bet on over/under number of points of a single player. You can also bet on which goalie will make more saves or something similar.

NHL Betting Tips & Picks

Placing hockey bets is quite easy. The real question is: How to find winning bets? There is not a perfect recipe to win every bet. However, it is possible to increase your chances by following betting tips successful bettors usually follow. It is impossible to know everything. Choose one league, follow the pro scene regularly and keep track of everything that is happening in that league. Once you know enough about that league, you can make your predictions easier. For example, if you chose NHL, don’t be stubborn. It is always good to read other people’s opinions, so make sure to google NHL picks and NHL playoff predictions from time to time.

The most important thing is to have a bankroll. Use that bankroll wisely and never bet more than you can afford to lose. You need to be aware of the chance to lose everything, therefore never go all-in, no matter how certain you are in your prediction.