Handball betting odds

Handball Betting & Odds

A lot of bookmakers have handball lines in their offer. Handball betting odds are similar to basketball odds because there is a small possibility for a draw. The sport is not so popular and people bet on it only during big tournaments. Good thing is, during those tournaments, handball betting odds are quite generous. Why is that? Bookmakers try to attract customers with great tournament promotions and high odds. Every experienced bettor should know this and know how to use it. Read this article and find out how and when to bet on handball.

Different Ways of Handball Betting

Before you jump straight to betting, there are a few handball bet types you should be aware of. Match betting is a regular Moneyline betting where you bet on a team to win the match. This type of bet is so boring almost no one uses it anymore. A more interesting way of approaching this game is to bet on handicaps. Sometimes, the odds on a favorite team are so low that it is not profitable to bet on them. In this kind of scenario, the perfect thing to do is to use the handicap bet option. You simply bet on a favorite team to win with a handicap. Try to guess how much is the favorite team better and by how many goals difference will they win that game. You can also bet on over/under goals. This option is available for a total number of goals in the game, goals at the halftime, goals scored by a single team and goals scored by a single player. Trust me when I tell you, sometimes it is easier to predict how many goals will those 2 teams score than who will win.

Handball Major Events

As I already said, there are some handball betting opportunities you should not miss. Those opportunities are special promotions and high odds during big tournaments. Handball betting markets are also on point. Those tournaments are World Handball Championship and European Handball Championship.  To be honest, most of the bettors out there bet on this sport only during those 2 tournaments. Therefore, you should consider doing the same. You will get high odds and special promotions on outright bets, especially if you bet on your own country. EHL Cup is also famous but it is not even close to those 2 tournaments. Keep in mind that due to the nature of the game, every representation can win. There are favorites but favorites can easily lose in handball.

Tips for Online Handball Betting

When it comes to online handball betting, the first thing that crosses your mind is handball live-betting. This form of betting is smart. You can see how the match is going and how the teams are performing. It is easier to make a prediction of what will happen next in the match than to guess who will win the match before it even starts. Try to watch a few matches and bet online on them. It is also smart to read handball predictions and tips. If someone wrote a prediction and you see everything in the match is going that way so far, that prediction is probably winnable so you should place a bet on it.