Football betting odds

Football Betting & Odds

The most popular form of sports betting is football betting. After all, football is the most popular sport and there is nothing strange about it. Betting on football is both fun and dangerous. However, it is only dangerous for those who don’t know enough about betting on this sport. If you are interested in online football betting, you came just to the right place. We here at Getonlinebet will provide you with the best insight into football betting lines and odds. Stay tuned to this article and learn everything you need to know about football betting before you place any bets.

Types of Football Bets

Betting on football does not necessarily mean betting on a match-winner. Beside 1×2 betting, there are a lot of other types of football bets.  You can also bet on things like correct score, total goals, first goalscorer, half time and a full-time winner, handicap betting and so on. In order to do so, you need to find a bookmaker with good football betting markets. Online bookmakers tend to offer better markets and even better odds. That’s why you should consider betting online. There is also bet-in-play on football matches option. Imagine you are watching a game and you just know who will score the next goal but the bookmaker shop is far and you can’t make it. This is where online football betting comes in handy. You can easily place a live bet while sitting on a couch and watching that game. Besides having ton of types of football bets in their offer, online bookmakers also allow early cash-out so you can cash-out before the game ends and avoid any unnecessary risks. They also allow you to bet on upcoming tournaments and leagues.

Football Tournament Betting

The most prestigious tournaments in the football world are Champions League and Europea League. International tournaments like World Cup, Copa America, and European Football Championship occur once in 4 years period.

If you want to bet on football, you should definitely consider Champions League betting. During that tournament, bookmakers offer high odds and the market offer is incredible for every match. You can even bet on futures. That means you can try to predict who will win the Champions League before it even starts. When it comes to International football betting, it is rare but also dangerous. Those tournaments are really unpredictable and you should always expect the unexpected. For instance, who would expect Croatia (population 4 mil) to reach the finals of the last World Cup? As I said, International tournaments are everything but predictable and I would suggest you avoid betting on a match-winner, try to find some other bets.

Another popular league that occurs every week (except the break period) is Premier League. This league has most viewers, therefore most bets are placed on it. The higher the popularity of the league, the higher the odds provided by bookmakers. Premier League football betting odds are always high and you can always find something worth betting on. La Liga is also popular but you will hardly get high odds because favorites like Barcelona or Real Madrid are much stronger than their opponents.

Free Football Betting Tips

If you want to make your own football betting predictions and tips, you should take a few factors into account. First of all, try to find the statistics of previous matches and how each team performs home and away. Also, check the most recent head to head matches and try to make your own conclusion. For example, if you see that there were more than 4 goals per match in the last 3 matches that means they play open against each other. It is probably a derby match and there will be a lot of goals. The smartest bet there is to bet on “GG3+”. GG3+ means that both teams will score at least 1 goal and there will be more than 3 goals on that match. This is just an example of how to make a conclusion based on statistics.