Darts betting odds

Darts Betting & Odds

Online darts betting usually comes with some perks and one of them is high darts odds. The PDC or professional darts competition is the main organization that is behind everything in the darts world. The sport itself has boomed in recent years and it is becoming more and more popular each day. If you are not familiar with this sport, don’t bet on it before you read this article. Stay tuned and you will know enough to bet on it.

Betting on Darts

Every major bookmaker has darts betting markets in their offer. There are several types of bets you can place on darts. Let’s look at the most common ones.

Darts betting outright winner is a simple bet where you bet on a player to win a match outright. There is usually no draw in darts,  but there are some competitions such as Premier League Darts where matches can result in a draw. That’s why this is not a 2-way betting than 1×2 betting instead.

Handicap Betting in darts is pretty similar to handicap bettings in other sports. It is used to balance a game and give a winning chance to underdogs.

You can also bet on a tournament winner in darts, odds on this kind of bets are usually higher but also riskier.

Darts Betting on The Major Tournaments

Like every other sport, darts also have major tournaments. During those tournaments, the odds are usually higher and there are special promotions offered by bookmakers. One of those tournaments is PDC World Darts Championship and the odds are always high. You should definitely bet during this tournament. You should also bet on Premier League darts because it is the best league out there and there is a ton of possible options. Premier League Darts odds are also high, but not as high as the ones offered in Wolrd Championship.

Darts Betting Tips

If you want to bet on darts there are some tips that might help you boost your winnings. Always bet on high tier tournaments and leagues. Professional players are more consistent than amateurs and your predictions will make more sense. It is also good to read Premier League darts predictions daily. Those predictions can be found online and they are absolutely free. You can actually save some time and learn something new from an analysis someone else wrote for you. Don’t forget to read PDC World Championship picks too. They can also be practical and can help you a lot.

While betting on darts, the most important thing is to have a bankroll. Chose an amount you are willing to spend monthly on this hobby. After that, divide that amount into 100 units and never bet more than 30 units. That means your max bet and all-in is 30% of your current bankroll. If you use this method, you will never lose all of your money and you will have enough to bet for a whole month. At the end of the month, if you have a profit on your account, withdraw that profit and start again with your old bankroll.