Basketball betting odds

Basketball Betting & Odds

Unlike traditional betting, basketball betting online has a lot of advantages. First of all, there are more basketball lines, the market is better and you can easily check the latest basketball scores before you place any bets. However, the most important thing is, of course, high basketball odds. We here at Getonlinebet can assure you that online bookmakers tend to provide competitive sports odds. Therefore, they provide competitive and high basketball odds. That’s why we recommend an online form of betting. If you are not familiar with that, stay tuned to this article and find out how to bet on basketball online.

Bet on Basketball Online

When it comes to basketball, online bookmakers tend to cover everything in their markets. For example, they offer both NBA and NCAA College basketball betting lines. Truth to be told, it is almost impossible to find an upcoming match from any major league that is not in their markets. If you want to bet on a single basketball game, there are endless possibilities. You can bet on pretty much anything nowadays. They offer different types of bets like Moneyline betting, point spread betting, over/under bets, betting on futures and so on. Before we dive too deep into this let’s make something clear. We won’t explain every possible bet but we will explain every basic basketball bet which should be more than enough to get you started.

Betting on the Moneyline

You are probably familiar with terms pre-game and in-play sports betting. Moneyline betting is nothing else than pre-game betting with only 2 possible outcomes. How is that? Well, this is the simplest bet you can place on any basketball game. You bet on a team to win a match. If your team ends up winning that match, your bet is won. On the other side, if your team loses the match, you lost the bet and that is pretty much it. There is nothing more to hope for. Although it seems simple to predict who will win the match, trust me when I tell you, it is one of the hardest things in the betting world. Thas why you should consider some alternative bets.

Point Spread Betting

Some of you may know it as a handicap betting. It may seem complicated at first but it is really simple to understand. The point spread betting on basketball is also a form of pre-game betting because you place your bet before the game starts. This form of betting is the main reason people bet against favorites. As we all know, 2 teams play each basketball game. The better team is called favorite while the worse of the teams playing is called the underdog. A point spread betting can be marked with “+” (next to underdog) and “-” (next to favorite). What do those 2 stand for? The easiest way to explain this is by an example.

Let’s say we decided for NBA online betting and there are Team A and Team B playing against each other. Team A is the host and the favorite team here which makes Team B the underdog in this case. If you see -10 on team A and +10 on team B, it means that Team A has to win that game by more than 9 points for Team A bettors to win their wagers. Take note that odds on this type of bet are much higher but the risk is also greater. On the other side, if you bet on Team B to win with +10 point spread. Team B can win that match but they can also lose that match by less than 9 points and you will still win your wager.

Over/Under Bet

If you want to bet on NCAA basketball, this is the best way to do it. You can bet on the total points of a whole team or total points of a single player. There are margins and you need to guess will the total points stay under the given margin or they will go over. For example, if the margin is 100,5 and you bet on “over”.  That means your team has to score at least 101 points in that match. There are more margins and the odds are different for each one of them. The higher the margin, the higher the odds for “over” and vice versa. If you want to bet on NBA total points, I suggest you bet on players, mostly bet on “under”. Try to find some players that play only the 3rd quarter and they don’t get enough shooting chances.

Basketball Future Bet

One of the most interesting NBA basketball betting forms is betting on futures. Future betting roughly means betting on something that will happen in the future. There are future betting lines on every major bookmaker. You can bet on the winner of the league before the league even starts. You can also bet who will finish on which spot, who will leave the league, be the MVP and so on. This is fun because you can place multiple bets and track them for the whole year.  The odds on futures are usually high because all of the future bets are risky. You can never know how the team will play during the whole season. The same goes for the players, imagine if some of them get injured.  There is no way he will be the MVP if he is not playing at all.

Basketball Betting Tips

Needless to say, you should always look for the best basketball odds online. Don’t waste your money on bad bookmakers and low odds. If you want to bet on any basketball league, you should always check the statistics and which players are missing. When it comes to Over and Under betting on players, although it is more fun to bet on “over”, it is always easier to predict “under”. Try it for yourself and you will see how often even star players can’t reach margins set on them. The last tip I can give you is to keep your ticket small, don’t place too many games on a single ticket. Only 1 lose is enough for you to lose that wager.