Baseball betting odds

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Baseball Betting Odds & Lines

Betting on baseball is just like betting on any other sport. You want to look for the best markets and odds before you place any bets. If you want to bet on baseball, make sure to find the place with the best baseball lines and odds. That’s why I would suggest you consider online baseball betting. Online betting has a lot of perks with one of them being rich markets combined with high odds. You can also get great deals, bonuses and pretty generous welcome packages. We here at Getonlinebet strongly believe that online sports betting is the future of the betting industry.

MLB Baseball Betting

MLB or Major League Baseball is the highest-ranking league of professional baseball in the United States and Canada. It is also the organization that manages the two strongest baseball leagues – the American League and the National League, which bring together 30 teams. If you want to bet on baseball professional leagues, MLB is the best choice.

We already said at you always need to look for the best baseball betting odds.  The same thing applies here, make sure to check for MLB betting odds and lines on multiple bookmakers before you place any bets. That being said, let’s see what MLB bets you should try and what are your possibilites.

Betting MLB Totals

Baseball betting lines always have the totals betting option. When it comes to betting on totals, you actually bet on “over” or “under”.  Betting on MLB “over” or “under” means betting on the number of runs scored by the teams playing that match. Statistics can have a great impact on those kinds of bets. Let’s take a look at statistics of total runs scored per game in MLB Baseball overall matches.

Runs Scored Frequency
3 6.17%
4 4.8%
5 9.51%
6 7.2%
7 11.3%
8 7.65%
9 10.3%
10 6.55%
11 7.65%
12 4.9%

As you can see from the chart above, the odd numbers have much higher frequencies. That is mainly because games in MLB cannot end in a tie.

You should always check the margins before placing your bets. If you want to bet on “over”, always pick a margin with an even number because odd numbers are less likely to happen and you will have a greater chance to win. On the other side, if you want to bet on “under”, pick a margin with an odd number.

MLB Moneyline

Moneyline bet on MLB is the simplest bet you can place on a baseball match. You actually bet on a team to win the match. This is also called 2-way betting because there is no possibility for a draw in the MLB league. However, there is a possibility for a draw due to weather or darkness which is unlikely to happen with today’s technology. In case there is a draw, bookmakers will just refund your money and the odds will be set to 1,00. Moneyline odds aren’t so good but since there are only 2 possibilities it is reasonable because it is easier to win a bet.

Baseball Futures

Baseball online betting also supports futures. Betting on futures usually stands for betting on something that will happen in the future. Don’t get confused here, betting on MLB futures does not mean betting on an upcoming match in the future. It is actually betting on a more distant future like betting on the winner of the whole season or something similar. Futures are interesting bets and the odds usually high.

The Runline

MLB Runline betting is not so popular as Moneyline betting but it is fairly popular within MLB bettors community. It is pretty similar to Moneyline betting because you need to choose 1 team. Although some bookmakers offer 2,5 or even 3,5 lines, baseball Runline is usually set on 1,5. That means you can bet on the favorite team to win by 2 or more runs or you can bet on the underdog to win the game outright or lose the game by less than 1 run. If you are familiar with point spread betting or handicap betting on football or tennis, you should not have problems with Runline bets.

Baseball bets, tips, and strategies

There are a lot of baseball betting systems you can find online. However, the most basic tip I can give you is to bet on professional leagues. It is easier to predict the outcome if you can see the previous statistics and analyze previous games and seasons. You should also keep track of players’ injuries and know who will play in the game.

The best strategy you can use is to have a bankroll and divide it into units. Choose a monthly amount of money you want to spend on betting. Gambling is dangerous and it can become addictive. That’s why you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Don’t think about baseball betting as a source of income, rather consider it a hobby that costs money. You can win some money too but it is not a safe source of income and you cant depend on it.