Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting & Odds

If you want to bet on sports, you should definitely consider switching to online sports betting. Online betting provides you with better sports betting lines, a long list of sports available to bet on and way higher betting odds. Why is that? There is a ton of online bookmakers nowadays and each one of them wants to attract as many sports bettors as they can. In order to do that, some of them offer better sports betting options than the competition, and some of them tend to offer higher bettings odds in order to attract customers. All in all, switching to online betting can only increase the number of betting options and odds for sports bettors.

The Different Types of Betting Options

As we already said, online sports betting provides us with more betting options than any other form of betting. The most common one is of course Moneyline bet. A lot of you are probably not familiar with this term, but it is the simplest bet available. In Moneyline betting, sports bettor just needs to pick which team or player will win the match, in other words, betting on the final outcome. This type of sports bet can be also called 2-way betting for tennis or 1×2 betting for Football. X is used in sports where there is a possibility for a draw. This also includes Point Spread or handicap betting.

Opposite to Moneyline betting where you bet on the final outcome, there is something way more interesting called a Prop Bet (proposition bet). Prop bet is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game and it has nothing to do with the final outcome. You can bet on pretty much everything. For example, which team will score the first goal, which players will get yellow cards in the upcoming football match, betting on totals and so on.

Online sports betting covers all major sports leagues like NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, MLB baseball, and even NCAA college football. You can bet on futures before the league even starts and try to predict who will win the league or finish in the top 5.

Online Sports Betting Tips

When it comes to online betting, the best tip we here at Getonlinebet can give you is to check the competition and find the right betting site for you. Try to find as many online sports betting sites as you can. Compare their offer and sports betting odds. How to do that?  Each sports betting site gives different odds on every sport. Pick any match you want and check the odds on various betting sites. If you mostly bet on tennis, make sure to pick a tennis match.

After finding sites with best odds, don’t just pick one site with the highest odds. You should pick at least 3 of them and compare their sports betting options. Your goal is to find the perfect balance between sports betting options and high odds. Check their list of sports and make sure that the betting site you picked covers every sport you want to bet on in the future. If the site does not cover everything you want, move on to the next site with high odds until you find the perfect one.

The Most Popular Sports For Betting

It is hard to tell which sport is the most popular for betting because it mostly depends on the continent and geographic differences. For example, Soccer is the most popular sport to bet on in Europe, Africa, and Australia. North America prefers Basketball, Football (USA) and Ice Hockey (Canada) while Asia prefers Horse Racing. However, Tennis is popular all around the globe and it is in the Top 5 on every continent. If we talk in numbers, the most popular sport with the most number of bets each year is without any doubt Soccer.